• Google: Carbon Neutral since 2007 ; Projected Carbon Free 2030

    By Leah Modica With over 100,000 employees, 70 world wide offices, and 2.5 billion android users, Google has reached sustainable goals no other company ever has before. Google has been Carbon Neutral since 2007, with plans to operate on Carbon-Free energy in 2030.  In September of 2020, Google formally released their Sustainability Report to the… Read more

  • Holiday Hassle

    By Pierre Guerrero As we all have learned in this wretched time, the world’s governmental systems are unable to fully control the actions of people. However, in order to try to contain COVID-19 the governments have been setting curfews, travel “bans”, and shutting down certain traveling industries. Whether citizens and the different governments like it… Read more

  • Think Twice Before You Toss

    By Leah Modica 70% of the textile waste in the USA is sent to landfills. If that does not shock you, then you are part of the problem. Sure, it’s easier to just rid yourself of your unwanted clothes. That instant gratification of a cleaned out closet and full garbage bin is what society is… Read more

  • An Ecological Disaster in the Making

    By Leah Modica Currently a massive 264-metre oil tanker stocked with 1.4 million barrels of crude oil is stationed off the coast of Venezuela. This vessel has sustained alarming damages as it sat neglected for years by the Socailist Veneuzelan President, Nicolas Maduro. Every day it is getting closer to capsizing. If this vessel does… Read more

  • The Breakdown of Sustainability

    By Leah Modica Sustainability is a grey zone for many. It is an ambiguous term that entails various different definitions depending on whom you may ask. Politicians often use it as a crutch term to enhance their environmental proposals. Engineers may tell you the technical blueprint to Sustainability by drowning it in non-layman’s terms. For… Read more

  • A Bird’s-Eye View

    By Regina Rodeghiero Can you imagine being surrounded by vividly vibrant colors and unusual patterns on various birds flying about you? This is an everyday sight for birds, but as for humans, the sight is otherworldly and unimaginable. How do bird’s eyes and human’s eyes differ? When birds look at each other, they see an… Read more