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An Ecological Disaster in the Making

By Leah Modica

Currently a massive 264-metre oil tanker stocked with 1.4 million barrels of crude oil is stationed off the coast of Venezuela. This vessel has sustained alarming damages as it sat neglected for years by the Socailist Veneuzelan President, Nicolas Maduro. Every day it is getting closer to capsizing. If this vessel does capsize, it will be 5 times greater than the disastrous Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 off the coast of Alaska.

Drone footage of the listing Venezuelan oil tanker, FSO Nabarima, taken on 16 October 2020, showing … [+] TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO FISHERMEN AND FRIENDS OF THE SEA

This massive carrier was used as a stationary platform aide in the OPEC nation’s oil export. Due to slowed production from Covid-19 the FSO Nabarima has sat untouched for months.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has directed all his attention to the petty battles between his government and the oil workers union, rather than the oil-slicked problem at large. Very little resolutions have been made on this issue due to the consistent disagreement. 

The FSO Nabarima’s failing conditions were brought to light by an anti-government oil worker  Eudis Girot, who also heads the Unitary Federation of Petroleum Workers of Venezuelan. Girot phrased in a video posted earlier this week,”I invited you, Mr. President. Take a helicopter. Go out there. Do your own inspection.”

Russ Dallen, head of Caracas Capital Markets, supports Girot in saying, “That ship should not be in this shape except for neglect and stupidity,” who closely tracks Venezuela’s maritime industry. 

4 Sep 2020: reports in the local press of Trinidad and Tobago six weeks ago showed the risk of the … [+] TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO GUARDIAN

If capsized, the crude oil will damage, and very possible destroy the flushing ecosystem of the crystal blue Carribean. The surrounding nations will be beat down again in wake of the global pandemic. The Venezelan government and the OPEC will lose millions, if not billions of dollars in the clean up efforts. In order to save People, the Planet and Profits there needs to be swift actions in place for the FSO Nabarima. 

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