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Holiday Hassle

By Pierre Guerrero

As we all have learned in this wretched time, the world’s governmental systems are unable to fully control the actions of people. However, in order to try to contain COVID-19 the governments have been setting curfews, travel “bans”, and shutting down certain traveling industries. Whether citizens and the different governments like it or not, people WILL be traveling in greater numbers then we have seen for around the past half-year. People are finally figuring out their comfort levels, the scenarios in which they like to wear a mask, and sometimes even when or when not to social distance.

Here is something else you may not have considered; while the world is dealing with an outrageous surge in virus cases, the U.S. will also be going through the final confirmation of who our next President is. This means that Traveling this holiday season may not be the best idea. If travel is absolutely necessary, to avoid potential riots and highly packed areas, consider driving to your destination or going on flights that do not have layovers in major cities (Or consider flying into outskirt cities).

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