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Think Twice Before You Toss

By Leah Modica

70% of the textile waste in the USA is sent to landfills. If that does not shock you, then you are part of the problem.

Sure, it’s easier to just rid yourself of your unwanted clothes. That instant gratification of a cleaned out closet and full garbage bin is what society is accustomed to. This out of sight, out of mind mentality is outdated and overdue for a drop down to reality. 

Our landfills cannot sustain this naivete. This is a call to action to start thinking outside the waste bin.

  1. The old stand by: Donation Bins or Thrift Stores 
  • If you consistently use the excuse of “I do not know the nearest donation bin” the solution is simple: type your zip code followed by “donation bins near me.” Kind volunteers have taken time out of their busy schedules to create awareness for these drop boxes. 
  • Thrift stores are always taking in new inventory. Help your locals, to some this is the kindest act.
  1. Get Crafty: UPCYCLE
  • What is upcycling? It is the reuse of your old garments for a new purpose.
  • Create your children clothes, yourself a vamped up new outfit, decor for your house; the options are endless. No need to worry if you are not crafty, the internet is full of ideas from beginner to advanced.
  1. Get rewards from your favorite shops

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