• NWN Is Now TWC

    NWN is starting a new chapter as The Wayne Chronicle. This change includes the removal of past irrelevant articles on our website, the switch of primary email addresses to @waynechronicle.com, and more active publication. TWC will remain free and run by a board of volunteer journalists under Head Journalist Pierre Guerrero. Read more

  • California Recall Election

    By Pierre Guerrero Today is recall Election Day in California. This recall election for incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom is currently the most popular and divisive topic of conversation in California communities. To some, the recall effort is a partisan and unnecessary waste of state funds and resources in a time when everything is running smoothly,… Read more

  • Emissions Rising-FAST

    By Elyse Geiger With the halting of normal life as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, greenhouse gas emissions decreased. Though, with an increase of activity due to modified restrictions, greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise again and are projected to continue increasing in the coming months.  The International Energy Agency reports… Read more

  • Prince Phillip Passes at 99

    This morning it was announced that Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, had passed away at the age of 99. His one hundredth birthday he would’ve been held on June 10. Prince Philip was away from the royal family for some time after he had recently underwent a heart procedure at St Bartholomew’s Hospital… Read more

  • Eliminating the Use of Private Criminal Detention Facilities

    By Alyse Geiger On January 26, 2021, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14006. In short, this order is aimed at removing the for-profit prison system in the United States. Specifically, the order states that “The Attorney General shall not renew Department of Justice contracts with privately operated criminal detention facilities…” Although proponents of for-profit… Read more

  • Cuomo Comments on Allegations

    By Pierre Guerrero At a Wednesday, March 3 press briefing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was in the hot seat and was asked various questions about the sexual harassment claims against him. When he was asked about what he wanted to say to New Yorkers; he stated that he was “embarrassed” and he apologized to… Read more