• Bystander Reliance And A Crazy Uncovering

    By Nathan Wayne The citizens of African-American communities have long-asked for police body cameras (also known as police cams and bodycams). Police excuses include the following; “they are too expensive”,  “mine was turned off”, and “it ran out of battery”. To the detriment of justice-seeking George Floyd protestors; this time that was definitely not the… Read more

  • Difference Creating Dangers

    By Pierre Guerrero We have three types of people during this pandemic: Those who do not think COVID-19 is real, those who want to open everything up immediately, and then those who want everything to stay closed until there are less cases. Though every single one of these “wants” have flaws. The problem is not… Read more

  • Healthcare Workers & First Responders Get Gifts For Their Service

    During this pandemic we can sometimes forget who is helping us through it all. Some large retailers are offering free items and discounts to our frontline Healthcare workers and our First Responders. Please share this with anyone you know who is on the front lines during COVID-19. Without them we could not get through this… Read more

  • Why COVID-19 Has Changed the Lives of the Younger Generations

    By Pierre Guerrero For me, every day has its own consistent schedule. This is important in order to keep students on track and know what their boundaries are. For some, life hasn’t changed much because they do all their school at home. For others, temporarily schooling at home is a huge change that will take… Read more