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Cuomo Comments on Allegations

By Pierre Guerrero

At a Wednesday, March 3 press briefing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was in the hot seat and was asked various questions about the sexual harassment claims against him. When he was asked about what he wanted to say to New Yorkers; he stated that he was “embarrassed” and he apologized to one of his staffers who made allegations. Governor Cuomo said “it doesn’t matter my intent” and he went on to talk about how hugging and kissing was his customary way of greeting others (saying it was also his fathers way of greeting). He presented an example of his justification by talking about how he recently was at a place where he was hugging pastors, seemingly forgetting about COVID-19 and social distancing. He went on to talk about politics as a business, stating “I’m not in this business to make people feel uncomfortable”, and also said that he “never touched anyone inappropriately.”

Governor Cuomo’s overall message was that he did nothing wrong, and that he was sure he was in the right. Much to the thrill of New Yorkers, he was apologetic, and thankfully to some, he did not present any implications of stepping down from his office.

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