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Why COVID-19 Has Changed the Lives of the Younger Generations

By Pierre Guerrero

For me, every day has its own consistent schedule. This is important in order to keep students on track and know what their boundaries are. For some, life hasn’t changed much because they do all their school at home. For others, temporarily schooling at home is a huge change that will take some getting used to. I am stuck between the two. I go to a public school that allows you to do some classes there and some classes at home. (No it is not a charter and not a private school.)

Some students had big competitions for different things such as speech and debate and robotics competitions. I am Vice President of Speech and Debate at my school. We had to write our legislation cases for Congress and the whole tournament ended up getting canceled just days before we were set to compete. One student, Gabriella Mercado says: “My schedule hasn’t changed much. The main things are that my classes were canceled. I play golf and it’s pretty cold outside, I shouldn’t lower my immune system in any way so I have to practice at home and tournaments were canceled because of COVID-19.”

We are all deep in working hard to achieve our eight grade graduation awards and though they are less stressed out, all our hard work has been put on hold. Regina Rodeghiero, the team captain of a local 6-12 grade rocketry team says that her life has completely changed because: “School was canceled, our competition was suspended, and we can no longer meet. Although it allows for more free time, it is very concerning to be unsure of what is going on with our rocketry program.”

People have been over doing all their shopping. It is crazy to see people acting out in this irrational way. Many shoppers are inconsiderate and selfish. They don’t care about anything but their packages of toilet paper. Ms. Nunns, a Costco employee and La Mirada resident has a message for everyone: “Please keep in mind when you are shopping at Costco and other stores that the employees could choose to stay at home with their families, but we instead decided to go to work and help you. Please don’t be rude to us and others. Also, follow the food quantity restrictions. There is no need to hoard food.”

Videos of people in line with hundreds of others have gone viral. Other videos of people yelling and getting in fights at stores have also gone viral. Everyone, we are in a crisis and now is a time to be considerate to others, even if it means that we have to stand six feet apart. This is also a sad time. When I first heard that we were going into a recession I did not really understand. Take some time out of your day to explain to your Children, grandchildren, and/or younger family members what they can do to be more conserving. 

We were born in an era where a roll of toilet paper was taken for granted and we would never think twice before using a paper towel to clean up a mess. Though we are not necessarily in the most dire situation yet, it would benefit everyone to teach them how to renew, reuse, and recycle. Though it may seem simple, one thing that you can do to conserve resources is using a washable rag rather than a paper towel, or drying your hands on a cloth that can be rung out.

During the Great Depression, things were different because you could share resources with your neighbors. Now, we have to stay six feet apart from everyone which can make us very lonely. We are also losing resources faster because when workers become sick there is another job lost. People did not have enough resources to throw away leftovers and were very mindful of their every-day actions.

Please be careful to not waste anything unnecessary and to be mindful of others. The next generations look up to all of you and what we currently see is very disturbing. Make sure that you not only obey the law but you make it easier for others to follow too. These are serious times and all of our decisions affect the future.

The virus we have all been sickened at the sight of (and we have literally been sickened by it‘s attacking of our immune systems).

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