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Biden Resides at White House

By Pierre Guerrero

On January 20, 2021, the United States of America underwent a highly secured historic transition of power. Vice President Kamala Harris was inaugurated the first black, the first Asian–American, and the first female Vice President in United States history. This is a historic point in history marking our nations treacherous and slow rise to equality.

The actions of the United State’s new leadership will be in great contrast to the actions of former President Donald Trump. Many actions made by President Trump are being/speculated to be reversed by recently-inaugurated President Biden, such as the executive order to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord that President Biden signed. President Biden is also reinstating the U.S. as part of the World Health Organization, a key component to his viral elimination process. He is immediately halting construction of the Mexico-border wall that has cost the U.S. over $15,000,000,000, even though Trump repeatedly claimed Mexico would pay for it. The Supreme Court plans to debate the authenticity of Trump’s redirecting of DoD funds for the wall on February 22.

Interesting read: The moving process, which takes many families at least a week, is completed in just one day for White House residents. A four-floor, 132 room mansion must be emptied of previous residents personal possessions and stocked with the possessions of the new occupants in less than 13 hours. No movers are included in the process, as this would pose a high security threat. Instead of movers, the approximately 80–100 White House staff members do all the moving amongst themselves. Typically letters are written to thank White House staff and welcome the new First Family, and while President Biden said Trump did write a “very generous letter”, Melania reportedly outsourced her staff thank you letters and just signed her signature.

Biden’s furry friend, Major (German Shepherd), is the first dog to ever go from a shelter to the White House, breaking canine barriers!

Photo By Aaron Kittredge

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