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Minks Are Contracting COVID-19

By Pierre Guerrero

In November, Denmark culled millions of minks. Why? Something you would never guess; COVID-19. These carcasses from the culled and buried minks recently started to pop out of their “mass burial sites” and Denmark is considering performing a disinfection and cleaning of some sort before burying them again.  According to local police, they were lifted by the pressure from gases released by their decomposition.

Now the United States faces a new predicament branching from the same problem; COVID-19 outbreaks are now in mink farms in the U.S.. Some of the farms reporting COVID-19 outbreaks are in Utah, Oregon, and Wisconsin, with the ranchers in Utah losing close to 10,000 minks due to the new virus mutation. Now that this COVID-19 mutation has passed on to minks and passed it back to humans from the minks, there is a high possibility that certain wildlife/domestic species have contracted it unbeknownst to us.

Luckily, no one is walking their dog around minks, and, unlike Denmark, minks are not a large resource in the United States. The mystery still remains of whether or not this new mutation can harm other creatures, but we are all still waiting for the right vaccine to fix this mess.

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